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About the BYO iPad Program

About the BYO iPad Program

Albany Creek State High School introduced a Bring Your Own iPad Program in 2015.


The introduction of the BYO iPad program has been very successful with approximately 99% of students in Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 bringing in their own iPad to support their learning.

This initiative is designed to ensure that all students have the opportunity to be immersed in a technology rich teaching and learning environment. The program is striving to be affordable for all parents while at the same time enhancing ICT learning opportunities for all students.


BYO iPad Program Information


Information and Communications Technology (ICT) support and enhance the curriculum by offering students access to ways and methods of solving problems that are unimaginable with traditional teaching tools.

ICT dominate our social interactions, our communications and are pervasive in almost every area of employment. At Albany Creek State High School we endeavour to prepare our students for this by providing them with the digital literacy skills required to prosper in today’s society.  But many educational experts question whether this is enough. Most of us would not be able to predict what occupations will be invented in the next 5 years, let alone trying to project what will be in demand in 10 years’ time.

Therefore students require the abilities to be resilient as they rebuild their skill base for the ever changing employment environment. But just as important as the inner strength required to cope with societal employment changes and challenges, are characteristics that are seen by many as some of the most important employment skills.

Desirable characteristics that come up in just about any employment survey is the ability to be creative and the ability to solve problems. ICT enables our students to be creative and solve problems in contexts that are impossible without a suitable ICT device. In fact some of the characteristics desired by employers in an economy dominated by digital tools is the ability to develop creative innovative ICT solutions. This is impossible to replicate in an environment of limited ICT resources. Other desirable employment characteristics such as the ability to analyse qualitative and quantitative data are also difficult to learn without suitable ICT tools.

It is with this in mind, along with the wonderful ICT teaching and learning innovations available to our teachers, that we encourage you to join our BYO iPad Program.